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About Elizabeth Image Branding

At Elizabeth Image Branding, we believe that change only begins with the right mindset and attitude. We engage a holistic approach in all our consultations and training with our mission to Educate, Equip, and Empower through mindset change in these 4 pillars of influence – Image, Personality, Skills, and Character.

Here at Elizabeth Image Branding, we help gain a business edge over their competition and assist individuals to discover their own unique personal brand through knowing themselves from inside out. Whether you are looking for a professionalism or in need of a more fashionable signature look, we can help you refine and enhance your personal and professional brand.

“Nothing succeeds like the appearance of sucess”
— Christopher Lasch

Who We Are

Elizabeth Hor

Founder & CEO
Professional Image Consultant
Certified Etiquette Coach
Certified Color Analyst
Concept & Image Make Up Artist

Elizabeth Hor, Founder/CEO of Elizabeth Image Branding, an entrepreneur, a professional image and etiquette consultant, certified color analyst, executive presence coach and motivational speaker with a solid record of accomplishment and extensive involvement in her field of skill.

She is also a hip, outgoing, and dedicated professional who believe in utilizing her impeccable appearance, technical skill and dexterity in going far beyond the superficial concept of personal makeovers. She understands that style, confidence and presence as well as the importance of character and mindset plays in achieving both one’s career and professional goals and objectives.

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With over two decades of working experience that spreads across nursing to strategic marketing and the many years developing her own company, Elizabeth Image Branding, Elizabeth is well versed and has harnessed the skill of understanding human behavior, customs and trends, and is able to interpret their influence on her client’s appearance, behavior and communication making her a highly preferred choice for her esteemed clients. She helps organizations gain a business edge over their competition and assist individuals to discover their own unique personal brand.

Elizabeth conducts corporate training where she covers topics like Creative A Powerful Executive Presence, Nailing That 1st Impression, Image The Missing Link to Success, Body Language and Professional & Social Etiquette among other things. These are all geared towards corporate image empowerment. She also conducts one on one personal image consultations and makeovers, a package that entails body analysis, personal color analysis, tips to styling and dressing, face shapes among other things to improve individual image empowerment.

Always going by her mantra: “When you represent your authentic self to the world, to your best possible advantage, your self-confidence will soar, inspiring you to realize your full potential“, Elizabeth will coach and guide you or your company in achieving yoru unique personal or corporate brand, image as well as greatly contribute towards your personal or corporate empowerment.

Our Associate Trainers

Edmund Tan

Associate Trainer
Founder & Coach of Y-MAD Community (Youth Making-A-Difference)
Certified PSMB Trainer
Certified Behaviour and Career Consultant
Associate Sand Castle Trainer (Castle Can Fly, Singapore)

“Youth Today are Leaders Tomorrow” is Edmund’s life vision and mission. Dedicated to a passion for holistic youth development, he has developed a wide range of creative leadership training programs.

In 2012, Edmund founded the Y-MAD Community amongst students of a tertiary institute in Penang, Malaysia; training and coaching students to develop as leaders in their daily life. As of today, there are 3 Y-MAD Communities. 2 amongst college students from reputable tertiary institutes in Penang and another with young professional working adults. There is a total of over 50 trainees undergoing his leadership development program.

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With over 30 years experience as a counsellor, lecturer, training program developer and youth trainer under his belt, Edmund has honed the skills of inspiring and developing trainees to envision and to accept the challenge of getting out of their comfort zone and into a journey of greater heights – into a life that ‘Makes A Difference’.

Hayley James

Founder of Magnetic Skills Training
Author of the book ‘How to Get A Bigger Bite of Life’
Certified Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Hayley has an entrepreneurial spirit and has enjoyed success in all her business endeavours. Hayley has worked in a range of businesses and industries in London and Australia in fashion retailing, skincare and personnel and recruitment in management and training and development roles.

Her entrepreneurial life began when she changed career direction to become a Qualified Beauty Therapist and opened her own Beauty, Hairdressing Salon and Skin Clinic.

Hayley says, “That’s when I learned that being a business owner can be tough, you need resilience, confidence and persistence and to succeed I knew I needed to continually increase my business skills and ‘work at’ improving myself to help me along my entrepreneurial journey.”

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One of the many courses, business seminars and trainings she attended was an introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (“NLP”). Hayley believes that attending that seminar has changed her life. “I knew that only way I was going to grow and run a successful business was to grow myself into the person that I had to “step-up” and be to run a successful business.”

After successfully completing training at Practitioner level she went on to become a qualified NLP Master Practitioner and Certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Throughout this journey, Hayley was given the opportunity to collaborate with her mentor George Faddoul in becoming a Co-Author in the printing of a Special edition of his book “How to Get A Bigger Bite Of Life”. It’s a powerful little book packed full of wisdom and teachings in personal growth and prosperity and has helped establish a platform for her as a transformational speaker and founder of her training company – Magnetic Skills Training.

Whether delivering her NLP Certification Programs and Soft-Skills Trainings to individuals or Corporates seeking to elevate their staff’s skills in the areas of: Customer Service, Sales, Communication, Copy Writing, Time Management, Personal Growth and Development, Hayley’s Training Modules demonstrate how a change in mind-set and use of NLP tools and strategies can improve people’s mental fitness and help them develop positive philosophies to create more options, better outcomes in all areas of their life – in health, wealth, family, relationships, happiness well-being and success for a thriving and more balanced life.

Hayley ’s Magnetic Skills Training & Seminars are ideal for…

Women who are busy managing a family, business, work and/or career that they sometimes feel overwhelmed and they don't have time for themselves.

Any self-employed professional working hard and wanting to break-free from the stress of money limitations or constraints.

Anyone “stuck”, who feels they are doing a lot of things right but are not seeing the rewards they expect or desire.

Anyone facing (even wanting) a major change in their life, who can benefit from a fresh outlook.

Anyone already achieving excellent results but endures constant stress, difficulty or resistance and seek strategies to alleviate and change this for a more balanced lifestyle.

Hayley believes that with an open-mind and willingness to learn, those who participate in Magnetic Skills Training and Seminars will realize the possibilities that becoming a person who exerts a great attraction can bring to every facet of their lives.

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