thumbsup-testimonialsThis is what our participants have to say….

Rosemarie ~ The Art of Being YOU Workshop

“The Personal Branding Workshop on 28th August 2016 was certainly worth the day I spent attending it! Elizabeth Hor was a great inspiration in the way she presented herself and the knowledge that she imparted is proving invaluable. Edmund Tan’s enthusiasm was infectious. 


Yvonne Aeruthayan
Foundation In Science, SEGI College Penang ~ Personal Branding & Professional Etiquette Workshop

“I am blessed and honoured to have known Miss Elizabeth through her image branding courses and training. Miss Elizabeth has a charismatic aura that she brings along with her wherever she goes, but instead of having a boss-like coldness, she conducts her sessions with warmth and compassion towards the audience. She delivers her message effectively and straight to the point, never forgetting to incorporate morality and empathy in a world that has forgotten those values. She stresses on personal development that will improve ourselves in a manner that aligned with our own principles. One session of Miss Elizabeth’s courses will leave you in constant positive self-evaluation, and will reinforce the values that you uphold. Truly an amazing experience with her!”


Agnes Ng Kher Shin
Student Affairs & Development Officer, SEGI College Penang ~ Presentation Skill 101 Workshop

“Such an impactful, practical & exciting learning lesson which had changed my perspective on delivering an effective presentation.
It is a pleasure to have an opportunity to learn from a very passionate & experienced trainer, Ms. Elizabeth Hor. She has helped me in recognising my blind spot during presentation & guiding me step by step to improve from where I am. Thank you.”


Benjamin Chuah
Foundation In Science Graduate, SEGI College Penang ~ Personal Branding & Professional Etiquette Workshop

“Etiquettes represent our professionalism and personality. A simple gesture would illustrate different kinds of meaning.

I’ve learnt various types of etiquettes from Ms. Elizabeth – dining etiquette, meet and greet etiquette, dress codes etiquette and many more. These etiquettes help me to project a more professional image, reliability, and trustworthiness when I’m working. In my opinion, I think everyone should attend this training because it is extremely helpful and needed in our fast changing era of the business world.”


Tammy Lau Zin Zin
IT Software Development Analyst, DELL ~ The YOU from the Inside Out: Makeup Workshop

“Great workshop, highly recommend!

An excellent workshop for those who have limited or no experience with makeup, it’s a must-follow workshop for me. For someone who is experienced, it will be a great refresher course to boost up your skill .”