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IMAGE is not just an outer appearance or knowing how to behave appropriately in public. IMAGE is a reflection; a reflection of who you are. IMAGE is a way of life.

At Elizabeth Image Branding, we believe that change begins with the right mind and attitude. Change begins from the inside out. We engaged a holistic approach in our consultations and training with a mission to Educate, Equip, and Empower.

Combining her love for God and her passion for style, Elizabeth founded her own Image Branding company, Elizabeth Image Branding in Sept 2014 and now has grown to cover international conferences and workshops.

This is what makes us different – we care not only what is on the outside but we care more about who YOU are on the inside.

Elizabeth Hor

Founder & CEO
Professional Image Consultant
Certified Etiquette Coach
Certified Color Analyst
Concept & Image Make Up Artist

A professional image and etiquette consultant, certified colour analyst, image make up artist, speaker and trainer. Elizabeth upholds the belief that all are carefully and beautifully created for a purpose. She stands by the quote “True Beauty Begins On The Inside” aims to empower people to better dress themselves with a holistic approach.

After a long career from nursing, strategic marketing to business development, Elizabeth took a leap of faith to pursue her dream to stand on stage and shake the world. Started her own image branding company in 2014, now Founder and CEO of Elizabeth Image Branding, she devotes her time in designing and conducting trainings. Her extensive professional background and experiences enable her to further her approaches and strategies in training.

Elizabeth’s passion to share her knowledge and values with others and to simultaneously learn from others has further strengthened her drive to succeed and continue exploring training opportunities.

Edmund Tan

Associate Trainer
Founder & Coach of Y-MAD Community (Youth Making-A-Difference)
Certified PSMB Trainer
Certified Behaviour and Career Consultant
Associate Sand Castle Trainer (Castle Can Fly, Singapore)

“Youth Today are Leaders Tomorrow” is Edmund’s life vision and mission.  Dedicated to a passion for holistic youth development, he has developed a wide range of creative leadership training programs.

In 2012, Edmund founded the Y-MAD Community amongst students of a tertiary institute in Penang, Malaysia; training and coaching students to develop as leaders in their daily life. As of today, there are 3 Y-MAD Communities. 2 amongst college students from reputable tertiary institutes in Penang and another with young professional working adults.  There is a total of over 50 trainees undergoing his leadership development program.

With over 30 years experience as a counsellor, lecturer, training program developer and youth trainer under his belt, Edmund has honed the skills of inspiring and developing trainees to envision and to accept the challenge of getting out of their comfort zone and into a journey of greater heights – into a life that ‘Makes A Difference’.

Jean Francois Hartmann

Associate Trainer
Certified Etiquette Consultant
Certified in Traditional Thai Massage, Shiatsu & TCM Practitioner

Jean Francois Hartmann attended the Lycée Jean Rostand in Strasbourg, France where he graduated in Physics and Engineering.  In a culture where ‘la politesse’ reigns, Jean developed an interest in etiquette training and coaching. Equipping himself as a certified etiquette coach, he spends his time coaching and giving trainings.

In this busy and hectic corporate life where stress dominates, Jean  Francois  observed the one obstacle to maximising potential is the decline is health.  He then began his pursuit for a holistic approach to combine success with a healthy lifestyle. Massage therapy has been shown time and again to alleviate work-related stress and build immunity against many illnesses.  Companies that recognise this aspect not only have happier employees but healthier employees who feel appreciated will in turn, excel in their jobs.  his passion in mannerism and etiquette. Equipping himself as a certified etiquette coach, he spends his time coaching and giving

His interest in bodywork and natural approach to holistic healing has led him to share his knowledge and service on Corporate Massage Therapy Program and Hands-On Self Massage Techniques Workshops for office workers.

Our Services


Let Your Personal Journey Begins

One to one on image and personality assessment – covers color analyis, wardrobe and hair style
make over, grooming, shopping, etiquette, and more.


Make Your Brand Goes Further

Seminars, workshops & in-house trainings with live hands-on demonstrations that will align your
employees’ image with your company’s positioning and brand essence.


From Campus To Corporate

Workshops and seminars designed to define the image and corporate requirements that mark the
transition from a laid back casual style at campus to corporate confidence.


Bring The Runway To Your Fingertips

Public workshop on styling, fashion shows, latest make up trends, etiquette and many more.

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